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Welcome! Leverage on our various platforms and partnerships to grow your brands. We provide all the tools, guidance, and support our clients need to succeed in their respective markets. Take a look around and explore the various services we offer, our clients that we’ve partnered with, and samples of our work.

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About Us

Established since 1996, ABBA Consulting has over the years served more than 500 clients locally and abroad, it has built its competency and niche services around helping its clients create and harvest their intangible assets such as intellectual property strategy, brand building and development strategy, business model innovation, and overseas market access.

Over the years, ABBA Consulting has also built an extensive global network of varied expertise through alliances such as Brands for Good, IPOS Society, International IP Commercialisation Council; and partnership with institutional resources such as Asian Development Bank.

We invite you to leverage on our platforms and international partnerships to grow your brand prominence and execute your marketing campaigns. Contact us today :-)

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About Our Services

ABBA Consulting services are fourfold and are neatly encapsulated into the abbreviation ABBA: (a) A for ATTRACTION (b) B for BRANDS FOR GOOD (c) B for BRIDGE FOR GROWTH and (d) A for ADVISORY




The Law of Attraction in brand strategy is the culmination of marketing efforts to draw customers to you and your brand rather than constantly pursuing them which is costly and tiring. As with any marketing strategy, attraction marketing focuses on setting your brand apart from your competitors by making your brand differentiation attractive to potential buyers. This require careful analysis and deliberate strategy on messaging and communications.

Hence the Law of Attraction is all about making your brand more attractive to your target buyers as well as attracting them to you through effective marketing campaigns. It all begins with your “attraction strategy”.  Strategy alone, however, doesn’t necessarily flow through to your customers but your story does and your story branding is how to give your brand an enduring and lasting impression on your clients.




Businesses are crucial members of society. Society depends on businesses and businesses in turn depend on support and resources from society. So business and society are deeply and dynamically interdependent. Businesses can sustain their growth only if society is generally satisfied with their overall contribution to societal well-being.

Michael E. Porter, a Harvard strategy guru, believes there is a “symbiotic relationship” between social progress and competitive advancement. This relationship “implies that both business decisions and social policies must follow the principle of shared value”.

Therefore, ABBA Consulting helps its client to become a force for good by re-designing it value proposition and business strategies to that make profits and create society benefits. According to Porter and Kramer: “The essential test that should guide Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not whether a cause is worthy but whether it presents an opportunity to create shared value—that is, a meaningful benefit for society that is also valuable to the business”, in other words strategic CSR with double gains for the business and the society.




The straightforward concept of “leverage” has the power to get you more by borrowing an advantage from others. This concept has been widely applied in the financial industry. Despite these benefits, most of us don’t utilize enough the power of leverage to apply to the connection in our businesses. Connections are indeed a valuable component of leverage in business, since they can help to widen your knowledge base and skills. For example, as we cannot be in several places at once, peers can act as scouts for us.

Over the years, ABBA Consulting has successfully built quality partnerships and alliances outside Singapore that could lend much advantages to those who explore these opportunities with us. For example, we have helped clients access new markets for their products and services, find new sources of supplies, mobilize crowd funding, access governmental networks to get licences, just to name a few.

Business Meeting



As a corporate business strategy advisor, ABBA Consulting’s main responsibility is to support the company CEO to strategise and execute the strategies. The objectives could include the combination of branding building, designing and co-ordinating marketing campaigns, structuring new partnerships for new market expansion, and creating opportunities for new revenue streams.

We have a strong track record of such retainer arrangements that has led to tremendous success of our clients especially in overseas markets that are new to our clients but familiar ground to us.

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Some of Our Clients

Committed to Excellence

Since day one, ABBA Consulting has been recognised as a reliable and resourceful Business Management Consultant among its clients. We provided our valued clients with a wide range of services that will help them thrive and grow. We are here for our clients, wherever, whenever.

We know that sometimes things can get challenging, and we're here to ease the load off your shoulders from day one. If you’d like to learn more about how our consulting services can help you or your business grow, book an introductory meeting today.

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